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Provide high-precision PCB circuit boards

  • Material:
    Conventional FR4 board Teflon board Ceramic plate Halogen-free board High TG board more +
  • Special Process:
    Bonding Impedance Blue glue Carbon oil Golden finger Blind gong Buried blind via more +
  • Surface treatment:
    OSP Lead-free spray tin Immersion gold Shen Xi Shen Yin Electric gold more +
  • Industry Application:
    communication Consumer electronics Industrial Control Security Car Power supply more +
  • PCB circuit boardProcess Capability

    Products are widely used in communications, computer networks, educational equipment and other fields.

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    • Copper substrate brand

      Copper substrate brand

    • Good quality aluminum substrate

      Good quality aluminum substrate

    • Security walkie talkie HDI

      Security walkie talkie HDI

    • POS machine HDI

      POS machine HDI

    • Security PCB

      Security PCB

    • Security PCB brand

      Security PCB brand

    • Security ISP motherboard

      Security ISP motherboard

    • Wireless router HDI

      Wireless router HDI

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    Improve testing equipment+IAFF 16949 Quality System Standard

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    Kunshan Shuoying Electronics

    Kunshan Shuoying Electronics Co., Ltd.

    Shuoying Electronics mainly produces 2-20 layers in batches; through-hole and HDI PCB, and rigid-flex board. The materials used in the products include: medium and high TG value boards, thick copper boards, and high-frequency boards involving special processes: gold fingers, resin plug holes, etc. Products are widely used in communication, industrial control, medical treatment, power supply and other fields.

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