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Explain the manufacturing and packaging process of PCB manufacturers?

2021-05-21 09:50:19

Explain the manufacturing and packaging process of PCB circuit board manufacturers?

"PCB circuit board packaging" is a crucial process, but many pcb board companies don't pay much attention to the following process, so a lot of packing work is simply taken, so the pcb board is not well protected , It will cause problems such as easy damage or friction on the surface of the pcb circuit board.

The step of "PCB packaging" has received much attention in PCB factories, and it is usually less than the various steps in the process. The main reason is that it does not generate added value on the one hand, and on the other hand, Taiwan’s manufacturing industry has not paid attention to it for a long time. Unmeasured benefits that product packaging can bring. So if PCB companies can make small improvements from the "packaging", there may be great results. For another example, Flexible PCBs are usually small N pieces, and the quantity is very large. If a good packaging method is used, the packaging container is specially opened for the shape of a product, so that it is convenient to use and has a protective effect.

—、Discussion on early packaging

For the early packaging methods, see the outdated shipping packaging methods in the table, detailing its deficiencies. There are still some small factories that use these methods for packaging.

The domestic PCB production capacity is expanding rapidly, and most of them are for export. Therefore, the competition is very fierce. Not only the competition among domestic factories, but also the competition with the top two PCB factories in the United States and Japan, in addition to the technical level and quality of the products themselves In addition to being affirmed by customers, the quality of packaging must be satisfied by customers. Almost large-scale electronics factories now require PCB manufacturers to ship packages. The following items must be paid attention to, and some even directly give specifications for shipping packaging.

1. Must be vacuum packed.

2. The number of boards per stack is limited depending on the size is too small.

3. The specifications for the tightness of each stack of PE film and the width of the margin.

4. Specification requirements for PE film and Air Bubble Sheet.

5. Carton weight specifications and others.

6. Are there any special regulations for buffering before placing the board inside the carton?

7. The tolerance rate specification after sealing.

8. The weight of each box is limited.

At present, the domestic vacuum skin packaging is similar, the main difference is only the effective working area and the degree of automation.

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