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Three things to pay attention to when PCB manufacturers repair

2021-05-21 09:49:25

Three things to pay attention to when repairing PCB circuit board manufacturers

Three things to pay attention to when PCB circuit board production and maintenance

PCB circuit board production With the continuous development of electronic products, the frequency of various equipment failures has greatly increased, and the requirements for maintenance personnel are also increasing. Especially for maintenance personnel who have just touched the circuit board, many people start to learn I don't know how to start, and I don't know how to learn. In fact, if you want to learn the maintenance of PCB circuit boards, you must have a certain foundation of digital and analog power.

The schematic diagram of PCB circuit board production is a blueprint to realize the functions required by circuit users. The design of the PCB circuit board mainly refers to the layout design, which requires various factors such as internal electronic components, metal connections, through-holes and external connections, electromagnetic protection, heat dissipation, and crosstalk.

Circuit board vendors need to know that fast, medium-speed, and vulgar logic circuits should be placed close to the connector, while vulgar logic and memory should be placed in the principle connection

Scope. In this way, it is beneficial to reduce common impedance coupling, radiation and crosstalk. What are the precautions for PCB circuit board maintenance? Here is a brief introduction to the line

Precautions for road board maintenance:

1. Before maintenance, you must first do anti-static work, such as wearing anti-static overalls and shoes, and wearing an anti-static wrist strap. The maintenance workbench should also be anti-static

Management, such as adding anti-static countertops.

2. Pay attention to the safety of electricity, including the circuit board should be considered when powering on the circuit board, and the maximum bearing capacity should be taken into account.

3. When it is necessary to come into contact with strong electricity—be sure to pay attention to personal safety and take measures to prevent strong electricity.

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