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Analyze the maintenance methods of PCB circuit board manufacturers

2021-05-21 09:49:57

Analyze the maintenance methods of PCB circuit board manufacturers

If the PCB circuit board is often used, there will be failures, then how do we need to repair these failures? Let's go together

Solution-the maintenance principle of PCB circuit board:

Analyze the maintenance methods of PCB circuit board manufacturers

1. Look first and then measure: The PCB circuit board to be repaired should first be visually inspected, and if necessary, it should be observed with the help of a magnifying glass.

Second, the outside first, then the inside: If the situation permits, it is best to have a good PCB circuit board that is the same as the board to be repaired as a reference, and then use the Bang VI curve of the tester

The scanning function performs good and bad comparison tests on the two boards. The first comparison test point can start from the port of the PCB circuit board, and then from the surface to the inside, especially the capacitance

Comparison test of the device. This can make up for the shortcoming that it is difficult for the multimeter to detect the leakage of the capacitor online.

Third, easy first, difficult later: In order to improve the test effect, some technical processing should be done on the repaired board before the online function test of the PCB circuit board to weaken all kinds of interference as much as possible.

The impact of interference on the test process.

The specific measures are as follows:

1. Preparation before test: For large-capacity electrolytic capacitors, solder a pin to make it open, because the charging and discharging of large-capacity capacitors will also bring interference.

⒉. Use the elimination method to test the device: During the online test or comparison test of the device, please directly confirm the test result for all the devices that have passed the test.

Make a record. If the test fails, you can test it again, and if it still fails, you can first confirm the test result.

For the maintenance principle of PCB circuit board, I believe that after everyone understands it, it will be more convenient to repair it in the future.

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