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PCB manufacturers popularize PCB short circuit inspection methods for you

2021-05-21 02:11:25

PCB manufacturers popularize PCB short circuit inspection methods for you

1. Open the PCB diagram on the computer, light up the short-circuited network, and see which place is closest to it. It is most likely to be connected. Pay special attention to the short circuit inside the IC.

2. If it is manual soldering, develop a good habit. First, check the PCB board visually before soldering, and use a multimeter to check whether the key circuits (especially the power supply and ground) are short-circuited; secondly, each time a chip is soldered Use a multimeter to check whether the power supply and ground are short-circuited; in addition, do not throw the soldering iron randomly when soldering. If you throw the solder onto the solder feet of the chip (especially surface mount components), it will not be easy to find.

3. A short circuit is found. Take a board to cut the line (especially suitable for single/double-layer boards), and power on each part of the functional block separately after cutting the line, and remove part of it.

4. If there is a BGA chip, since all the solder joints are covered by the chip and are invisible, and it is a multilayer board (above 4 layers), the power supply of each chip should be separated during the design and connected with magnetic beads or 0 ohm resistors. , In this way, when there is a short circuit between the power supply and the ground, the magnetic bead detection is disconnected, and it is easy to locate a certain chip. Because the welding of BGA is difficult, if it is not automatic welding by the machine, a little carelessness will short-circuit the adjacent power supply and the ground two solder balls.

5. PCB manufacturers use short-circuit locating analyzers, such as: Singapore PROTEQCB2000 short-circuit tracker, Hong Kong Lingzhi Technology QT50 short-circuit tracker, British POLARtoneOhm950 multi-layer circuit short-circuit detector, etc.

6. Be careful when welding small-size surface-mount capacitors, especially power supply filter capacitors (103 or 104), which may easily cause a short circuit between the power supply and the ground. Of course, sometimes with bad luck, the capacitor itself is short-circuited, so the solution is to check the capacitor before welding.

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