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Security walkie talkie HDI

2021-08-19 16:05:44
Security walkie talkie HDI

Leading process technology

1. FR-4+ high frequency mixed pressure, mechanical blind buried hole, HDI and other processing techniques.

2. A variety of rigid-flex board process structures to meet the product's three-dimensional assembly requirements.

3. The special process of various embedded technologies (embedded components, embedded capacitor materials, embedded PCB boards, embedded copper blocks) meets the requirements of product cost, heat dissipation and miniaturization.

Advanced processing and testing equipment

1. Imported equipment such as automatic electroplating line, Orbo LDI, German Burkle press, Mitsubishi laser drilling machine from Japan, Schmoll drilling machine from Germany, vacuum resin plugging machine, Ende molding machine, etc., to meet the production of high-level, high-precision security products need.

2. Reflow soldering, thermal shock, hole copper tester, impedance tester, gold-nickel thickness tester and more than 20 kinds of reliability inspection equipment.

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